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Water Gardens
Water Garden and Pond Design And Construction

We at Creekside Gardens have created waterfalls and ponds for a variety of clientele. Whether you are looking for a small pond in the corner of your garden to be seen from back porch or you want a 30' waterfall with a stream running between your patio waterfall, We can create the water feature tailored to fit your individual taste and budget

custom waterfall

All of our water features are low maintenance.

With more than 35 years of experience, we discovered that proper waterfall filter, skimmer and pump size are critical to low maintenance waterfalls and koi pond construction a long time ago. You can save money and try to get by, but we've already done that (25 years ago before pond systems were developed) and we've learned our lesson! We would like to pass on what we've learned to you, so you don't regret your choice later on down the road.

We feature Atlantic Water Gardens, reasonably-priced and quality pond systems, which we can package together for you, based on the pond size. We have the experience to do it for you, but we're also glad to help you do it yourself.

You'll find four display ponds on-site. It's great to brag about our work! Here are some of our favorites that you can go and see:
  • Holiday Inn Express – Niles, Ohio
  • Holiday Inn Express – Hermitage, Ohio
  • Covelli Enterprises Headquarters – Warren, Ohio